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Character Creation Rules

Apprenticeship - Should desire to become an apprentice, you may choose to be an apprentice of one of the members of the Sinister Six.

Asmodeus (LE) (Devils) – Evil, Fire, Law, Magic, Nobility, Trickery
– The Ebon Knights – (Spellcaster)

Lilith (LE) (Asura) – Charm, Destruction, Evil, Law, Scalykind, Weather
– The Ebon Destroyers (Martial Artists)

The Quorum (LE) (Kyton) – Artifice, Law, Evil, Darkness, Destruction, Healing
– The Ebon Tormentors – (Craftsman)

Ahriman (NE) (Div) – Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil, War
– The Ebon Usij – (Philosophers)

Hades (NE) (Daemon) – Evil, Darkness, Death, Destruction, War
– The Ebon Horsemen – (Soldier)

Nyx (CE) (Nightshades) – Chaos, Evil, Darkness, Death, Magic, Void
– The Ebon Shadows – (Performers)

Typhon (CE) (Demodand) – Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Knowledge, Madness, Weather
– The Ebon Storms – (Criminals)

Echidna (CE) (Qlippoth) – Chaos, Evil, Animal, Plant, Scalykind, Madness
– The Ebon Mothers – (Woodsmen)

The Sinister Six
The Nightstalker
NE – Drow Strigoi Stalker/Sorceror 14 – Dennick – Envy
An immortal strigoi vampire who has ruled the Darklands for at least two centuries, Nightstalker has a reputation of being ruthless but fair. He is a peerless commander of armies as well as a powerful sorcerer, and his most elite lieutenants are also vampires under his control.

The Rattler
LE – Kyton Lichfiend, Wizard/Artificer 10 – Karnush – Sloth
A cackling skeletal lich, the Rattler is the stuff of every child’s nightmares. Enemies and citizens alike fear his innumerable golems, and the Rattler is said to be second only to the Namer in arcane might. The best that can be said for the Rattler is that he’s the least likely of the Six to be hatching a devious plan – usually because he’s busy actively murdering his enemies.

The Keeper -
NE – Drider Lich Witch/Sorcerer 9 – Yuki – Wrath
The frost-covered lich-queen of Irrisen brooks no interference in the affairs of the Kingdom of the Dead. Skilled in both Sorcery and Divine Magic, The Keeper has the strength to stand alone from the squabbles of the Six…most of the time. Be wary of her, and she may ignore you – cross her, and you’ll quickly join the ranks of her frozen army of undead.

The Planeshifter (true name unknown)
CE – Suli Vigiliante/Binder 14 – Judar – Lust
The Planeshifter is a suli mage who appears to be a powerful spellcaster interested in the effects of the Elder Evils. Apparently a mage of great standing within the city’s arcane guild, the Planeshifter commands the service of genies and resides within the great crystal tree which forms the Schola Arcanis, a sort of highly-advanced equivalent of a mage’s guild.

The Soulcrusher - Zladikov – Pride
LE – Human Kineticist/Psychic 5, Uncarnate/Thrallherd 9 –
The mastery of Kinetic powers which allowed Soulcrusher to shed his physical body centuries ago has done little to preserve his sanity. Soulcrusher broods in the caverns under Golarion, nurturing his harvests of puppeteers and other mind-controlling parasites in preparation for his conquest of Golarion – the citizens aboveground have either learned not to question him, or are already infested.

The Skinwalker - – Khimara – Gluttony
CE – Skinshifter Barbarian/Shapechanger 14 –
Although the weakest of the Six in magical power – which is akin to being the weakest Meteor Swarm – Skinwalker is the most fearsome in physical combat. An ever-shifting, unstoppable bulk of claws and fangs, Skinwalker has ruled over sleepy, heavily-wooded Villia since time immemorial. He nurtures his lycanthropic minions in hopes that his fortunes will soon rise, but only time will tell. Visitors to his domain are well-advised to bring either their best manners or their fastest running boots.

The Namer - – Uronym – Greed
CE – Suli Vigiliante/Binder 14 –
Smooth of word and gesture, The Namer looks unassuming, but wields unmatched arcane might, boasting more powerful magic than any two of the Six combined. A master summoner whose troops of choice are demons, rumor has it that he knows the True Names of at least one of the Six. By all accounts, the Collective of the Namer has prospered under his rule during the last several hundred years, but appearances can be deceptive.

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